Boutique Hotels: London Edition

Boutique Hotels: London Edition

Boutique Hotels: London Edition

London, home of the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament, and the Queen. According to Trip Adviser and Lonely Planet, London is one of the top five most popular destinations in the United Kingdom. I can understand why, London is full of beautiful buildings, grand parks, centuries of history, and let’s not forget the pubs serving fish and chips on every corner. With all of these wonderful sights and experiences it’s no wonder that London might be on the top of your must visit list.

Staying in Style

While there are a fair number of inexpensive hostels aimed at appealing to the younger, bohemian, backpacker crowd in London there is a large number of what are called Boutique Hotels. A Boutique Hotel is a semi-luxurious hotel with a great deal of comfort and amenities but with a lower price per night than a Luxury Hotel. Boutique Hotels typically cost anywhere from 100$-300$ a night which is still reasonable compared to Luxury Hotels.

What do you get for the price?

Unlike hostels which is more of a communal experience, boutique hotels do not use dorm style rooms or shared showers. Boutique Hotels are always private suites with ensuite bathrooms. The suites on the lower end of the price range will usually be a large single room with a separate sleeping and sitting area. Rooms at the higher end of the price range with usually have a separate bedroom or even two bedrooms separated from the sitting area by bedroom doors. Bathrooms always include a three-piece bath, with pricier rooms having a four or five-piece bath, meaning a tub and double sinks.

Amenities include, on site restaurants and room service, social areas, business rooms with computers and fax machines, and at some hotels you may find a pool or workout room. Like any other hotel, the higher the price tag the more amenities you should expect.

I can’t afford prices like that

Not everyone is a Rockefeller and you don’t need to be. Boutique hotels aren’t always intended for long term stays, so unless you are very wealthy it isn’t expected that you’ll be staying long term. If you’re enjoying a weeklong vacation or a honeymoon, then a Boutique Hotel will be the right choice for you. You don’t want to spend your romantic post-wedding getaway with a bunch of drunk college kids. If you are a person who likes to travel on the cheap and stay in hostels at some point you are going to need a break from drinking and communal bathrooms, so consider booking one night at a Boutique Hotel just so you can enjoy a long soak in a bathtub, clean sheets, and breakfast delivered to your door, believe me you will enjoy the temporary luxury.

5 Coolest Hotels in London

5 Coolest Hotels in London

If you are traveling to London, you might as well consider making your hotel stay as exciting as possible. These five coolest hotels in London provide their guests with a unique and unforgettable experience.

St Martins Lane Hotel

The first thing you’ll notice is that the entire hotel building is mostly glass. When you step into the hotel you are greeted by golden tooth-shaped seats, life-size chess pieces, and a variety of interesting design elements. The rooms feature floor to sealing windows coupled with mood lighting. All the modern quirks are all there- Large Smart TVs, High speed WiFi, and smart controls. Its located close to famous London attractions like the Leicester Square and National Gallery.

Hazlitt’s Hotel

Hazlitt’s is the ultimate in providing the guests with the old “English experience”. The rooms are designed like posh villas of English aristocracy and have a certain character to them . The hotel itself is fairly small and isn’t like the big chain hotels. Its made by linking three mews houses together. The staff is very friendly and has that personal touch of a independent hotel. Its located in the center of Soho and close to train station so you can easily get around.

Sanderson Hotel

Sanderson is hands down one of the coolest hotels in London. Though the building is a from the 50s era but the rooms are designed by the legendary interior designer Philippe Starck. The rooms are decorated with contemporary art and give a very strong surreal vibe. The decoration,lighting, and ambience will make your stay feel like a dream. There is a bar downstairs and a restaurant too.Its within walking distance from the London theater and British museum.

The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough is the very definition of luxury. Its the most expensive hotel in London and with the price comes some unusual perks. The coolest thing about the hotel is that every room gets a private butler who is ready to serve you at your command. The building its in is built in the Greek Regency style and has had a rich history of serving as a 18th century country mansion, a hospital and now a hotel. Its fairly close to Hyde Park Corner tube station and 12 minutes away from Buckingham Palace.  Here is a video tour of the hotel.

Town Hall Hotel

If you are wondering why its called the Town Hall hotel its because its set in a former Edwardian town hall. The old building with its stone walls are a stark contrast with the hip interior design. Each room has been designed and equipped differently with modern electronics and vintage pieces in equal amounts. The modern design twists go surprisingly well with period details. The hotel is located in the trendy East End and at walking distance from Bethnal Green tube station.